A New Way to Promote Your Music

Tune Tornado wants to help you reward your fans for promoting sales of your music.

Tune Tornado provides leverage.  If you have fans, even just a few, Tune Tornado can help encourage those fans to reach out, and help you reward them when their efforts result in additional sales of your music.  Tune Tornado also provides exposure.  Our membership is eager to try new music and share it with their network of friends.

The Tune Tornado model is simple: create viral hits by offering cash rewards rather than “likes”—we want you to get paid for your music, not just let others stream it or rip it for free.  

How it works:

  • Members buy songs that they love
  • They refer the songs to friends with similar interests
  • If the friends buy, the member earns cash rewards paid from your sales revenue
  • If the friends then join and refer further, the member is eligible for additional rewards

Our model is designed so that fans can profit from songs they discover and share with their friends if those songs do go viral—and the internet and social media are powerful tools for making this happen.

Promote Your Music Without Limiting Your Options

  • Create great music
  • Offer it for sale on iTunes
  • You choose which song(s) you want to promote on Tune Tornado
    • no exclusivity or conflict with conventional self-promotion
    • you control song pricing ($0.49 minimum)
    • cancel at any time (90-day notice to fans)
  • You get the word out by exposing your music and the Tune Tornado site—the more you do this, the greater the chances of creating a viral hit  
  • We track sales through Tune Tornado and calculate and distribute member rewards (up to 25% of gross sales depending on the degree of virality for a given song)
  • We provide you with the opportunity to communicate with our members who have bought your music
  • We provide you with real-time sales tracking tools, including a geo-view to see where your fans live (to help you plan concerts and other in-person activities)
  • You pay the rewards plus the Tune Tornado fee (10% of gross) from your iTunes income

To get started, you execute a Master Promotion Agreement with Tune Tornado; then, you can add or remove songs as you like. If you would like to take the next step, Apply Online Now or contact us at musicians.